What To Look For When Hiring An Elf

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Dec 18, 2014 2:49:00 PM

santa_resumeThe holidays are always a very busy time of year for us at Hiregy, as it is the busiest time of year for one of our biggest clients. We'll keep our client's name a secret, but let's just say it's a family run business with a corporate office up North.

Our client, let's call him Mr. C, does 100% of his shipping for the year on a single night. Needless to say, this small time frame has no room for error, and requires a solid infrastructure of productive and capable employees. This is where Hiregy comes in. We are tasked each year on recruiting and interviewing the best elves on the job market. As we have done this successfully for many years now, we put together some tips to best aid the process.

The following are what we look for when hiring elves.


Must Be A Team Player - Every position we fill for our client makes up part of a larger team. This includes all Assembly Line Engineers, Master Wrappers, Sleigh Maintenance Professionals, and the all important K-9 Distraction Squad. Team success derives from every elf playing his or her role. Model employees will understand that there will not be any individual accolades, and the CEO will get all the credit. However, there may be leftover Chips Ahoys. (Doubtful.)

Multilingual - As our client services customers in over 175 countries, knowledge of multiple languages is a must. Being able to speak reindeer is not required but is definitely a notch in the plus column.

Positive Attitude - Elves are a positive bunch by nature, so it's very rare to come across a not-so-happy elf. This positivity comes in handy when working long hours in close quarters. If you happen to encounter an elf that's closer to Grumpy than Happy (elves, dwarves, whatever), keep in mind they are notoriously bad at oral hygiene (their diets consists of nothing but sugar based snacks). We always suggest they visit Hermey the Dentist Elf and reschedule the interview for another day.

Detail Oriented - This is a very important aspect of the job, especially in the Assembly Line and Logistics deparments. Assembly Line Engineers manufacture millions of toys, often with very small parts, and every toy has to be perfect. Logistically speaking, any set-back can throw the whole night off. The delivery route is mapped out in the most efficient of manners, down to the millisecond.

Microsoft Excel Experience - Most positions within the company will need a rudimentary knowledge of Excel. Employees work off of one main Excel document (NaughtyOrNice.xlsx), which consists of 2 columns and over 500 million rows.


Whether you are mass producing toys for the good little boys and girls around the world or manufacturing cookies in trees, elves can be great assets to your company.  Follow the above tips to find the perfect elves for your needs.

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