What Should a New Hire’s First Day Look Like?

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Apr 8, 2015 3:01:00 PM


What should a new hire’s first day look like? Structured. Scheduled. Welcoming. Every company should have an onboarding guide to help new employees acclimate and get up to speed as quickly as possible. How can your company set the tone for your new hire?

Create an Onboarding Guide

First, evaluate your onboarding process. An onboarding process is a strategic, systematic method of bringing an employee “on board” after they are hired. It introduces the new hire to their new position, company culture, and policies in a way that he, or she, can easily digest.

Every onboarding process should include the following:

  • A reproducible, standardized strategy

  • Outline of the new hire’s first week or first few days

  • An introduction to the company story: vision, mission, cultural values, and expectations

  • An introduction to the employee’s work area

  • Training on equipment and policies

  • Reference materials (i.e., in a binder)

  • Performance expectations and goal setting (i.e., first week, 30 days, 90 days)

Standardization of this  process allows successful implementation of an onboarding strategy and creates a predictable workflow for all involved.

The First Day

Next, structure the first day/week, which can increase a new hire’s productivity and decrease the chances of early termination, low productivity, and profit loss. As part of the onboarding guide, there should be a section included about what a new employee’s first few days or weeks will look like. These items can include: trainings, meeting schedules, and a sample schedule. The first day should be structured and mapped out at each stage of the day.

Before the First Day

Be ready before the new hire starts. A standard onboarding process should also ensure the following items are accounted for prior to the new employee’s first day:

  • Facilities: proper workspace and equipment, security badge, parking

  • Technical: computer setup complete, email address assigned

  • The First Day: outline of the day, sample schedule

Sample Schedule

  • 9:00: Employee arrives. Manager introduces employee to new workstation.

  • 9:15: Tour the office and introduce the new hire to his or her new co-workers.

  • 10:00-12: Training. Provide welcome kit/handbook and review important policies and procedures.

  • Noon: Take the new employee to lunch. Invite a few co-workers.

  • 3:00: More training.

  • 5:00: Let them know how important they are to the company before you, or they, leave for the day.

A schedule for your new employee can help ease anxiety, set the tone for the first week, and remove ambiguity for all employees involved with training.

Welcome Kit

You can also provide your new hire with a welcome kit binder and include the following:

  • Company story

  • Company directory

  • Company handbook

  • FAQs

  • Technical instructions (log-on instructions, passwords, usernames)

  • Position-specific information

  • Performance review and goal setting

A structured first day and standardized onboarding process will ensure a smooth transition for the new hire. How your company prepares for new hires will directly impact employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction levels. The first day does set the tone. So, what does your new hire’s first day look like?

For more information on onboarding, please download a free copy our Manager's Guide to Onboarding.

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