When Interviewing Avoid Mistakes Made in that Coffee Commercial

Posted by Michelle Louden on Oct 15, 2013 10:48:00 AM

As I write this, I cannot help but think of a recent coffee commercial I have seen where a potential candidate is making their prospective employer wait while she sips on her coffee. I’m sure it brought a laugh to anyone who has seen it, and perhaps even driven the sales for the coffee company, but the reality of the situation is never make a potential supervisor wait for you.   

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8 Unusual Sources of Great Candidates for Your Job Openings

Posted by Bill Fries on Oct 10, 2013 1:54:00 PM

Recruiting great talent is hard work. Many managers think they can post a job on a national job board, then kick back and let the amazing applications flow in. If you’ve tried a job posting recently, then you know this is far from the truth. Many of these applicants do not meet even the basic hiring criteria. Finding exceptional talent in today’s environment takes research, outreach and some ingenuity. 

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Tampa Call Center Staffing Continues to Grow

Posted by Bill Fries on Oct 1, 2013 11:52:00 AM

One of the brightest signs in Tampa’s economy is the continued growth in call center jobs in 2013. Traditionally, Tampa has been a southeast hub of call centers for large companies including Disney, UPS, Home Depot and United Health Care. A strong communications infrastructure, excellent weather, low taxes and a strong supply of great, customer-service minded talent make Tampa the perfect choice to host a company’s call center.

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Interview Follow-up: A Thank You Note Gone Bad

Posted by Bill Fries on Aug 20, 2013 8:55:00 PM

Susan just completed her fourth and final interview with the CEO of a major company in Tampa. She was extremely excited about this job opportunity to be the executive assistant for one of the area’s top CEO’s.  Being a detailed executive administrative assistant for over 17 years, she knew the importance of proper follow-up.   After all, she was responsible for sending out hundreds of thank you notes on behalf of her prior executives.  

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Staffing 101: Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire?

Posted by Shaun Androff on Aug 14, 2013 8:41:00 AM

“Temp-to-Hire or Direct Hire?” This is one of the most often asked questions by hiring managers when utilizing the services of a Tampa staffing company. Both are great options with many factors to consider.

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4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time To Be Hiring Talent

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Aug 2, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Without a doubt, the last several years have been a hiring manager's market.  An open position could easily command 100 or more qualified applicants and competition for available work was fierce.  Employers had certain luxuries and a substantial advantage over those seeking work.  Companies could seemingly command highly qualified, or even over-qualified employees at lower wages than in past times.  They had their choice among a large pool of potential employees -- applicants eager to find a job and willing to work for less compensation.  The best employment agencies Tampa Fl had to offer were flooded with shining resumes.

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Strategies for Successful Clerical Staffing

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jul 31, 2013 10:27:00 AM

Clerical staff members are often the unsung heroes of successful businesses, so finding the right person to fill your available clerical position is critical. Using a Tampa staffing agency to fill your clerical staffing needs is a good way to connect with talented job seekers. You can also use the following clerical staffing strategies to screen and select the right clerical candidate.

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Are You Overlooking Important Clues When Hiring a New Employee?

Posted by Bill Fries on Jul 29, 2013 8:35:00 PM

Hiring processes vary from company to company and even from hiring manager to manager. Most include an application, face-to-face interview and some kind of background / reference check.  While these are all very important parts of the process, there are several other key indicators, which often get overlooked by Tampa staffing managers. Here are six additional factors to consider when hiring new employees:

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7 Interview Questions to Ask When Staffing Accounting Positions

Posted by Carole Clark Thompson on Jun 20, 2013 2:14:00 PM

Behavioral Focus Interviews (or BFI’s) are widely used in recruiting accounting candidates as well as most professions.  The idea behind this interview format is that past behavior is an indicator of future behavior.  In an era of career changers and vanishing professions, the Behavioral Focus Interview is an effective method of determining if a candidate will be the fit you seek to fill your opening.

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4 Ways to Use Employment Agencies to Grow Your Business

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jun 18, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Opportunities for growth are important to any business, but even the most conservative expansion strategies carry risk. Using employment agencies to facilitate growth can help companies keep costs in down while reducing vulnerability. Here are four ways to use staffing and employment services to take your business to the next level.

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