How much are Tampa and Orlando companies paying their employees?

Posted by Shaun Androff on Mar 25, 2016 12:19:47 PM

Hiregy recently released its 2016 Hiring Trends report, our annual review of the previous year’s hiring activity, wages and salaries, along with an analysis of trends to watch for in the coming months. The report includes data from Tampa, Orlando and surrounding communities. It’s free of charge and can be downloaded here.

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The Hidden Costs of Hiring

Posted by Shaun Androff on Feb 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM

We recently sat down with the CEO of an insurance firm who was struggling to fill a key sales position. The spot had been empty for three months and she was ready to bring on a recruiting partner to help fill the role. By asking a few questions, we realized that the empty position was draining her company of thousands of dollars each month. No one had realized it because her team was juggling more work and overflowing to-do lists due to the empty position. The hidden costs of hiring were damaging her business.

Some costs related to expanding your staff are easy to track, such as the price of advertising, background checks and new equipment. Others require a bit of digging to reveal, but are still relatively straightforward to calculate, such as the value of a hiring manager's time spent writing job descriptions and interviewing. So what are the hidden costs — the sneaky, silent items that drain value from businesses, often without their even knowing? Keep your eye out for these stealthy wealth eaters. 

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2015 Tampa Bay Hiring Trends Report

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Mar 3, 2015 10:34:37 AM

Hiregy is pleased to announce the release of our annual Hiring Trends ReportTo help businesses and job seekers plan for 2015, Hiregy reviewed our job placement information from 2014 to identify hiring trends and salary data in Central Florida. The report includes examples of the types of positions we filled in the Tampa Bay area in 2014 with accompanying salary data.

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Staffing Manager Tip: When An Employee Resigns, Don't Counter-Offer

Posted by Bill Fries on May 30, 2013 8:23:00 PM

“I need to talk to you.  May I shut the door?”  This is usually how a resignation starts.  While the employee is explaining their situation and reasons for leaving, the Tampa staffing manager is busy thinking “oh no, I’ve got to replace this person on top of the hundreds of other things I’m juggling on my plate right now.”    Your immediate instincts often are to make a counter-offer to entice the employee to stay.   

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How to Talk Salary in a Job Interview

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Nov 29, 2012 2:27:00 PM

You’re excited. You have a job interview lined up, perhaps one a Tampa employment agency set up for you or one you arranged through networking. You want to do well. But then the topic of salary comes up.  How should you handle it? Here are some tips to help you navigate a discussion on job pay during your interview.

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