How much are Tampa and Orlando companies paying their employees?

Posted by Shaun Androff on Mar 25, 2016 12:19:47 PM

Hiregy recently released its 2016 Hiring Trends report, our annual review of the previous year’s hiring activity, wages and salaries, along with an analysis of trends to watch for in the coming months. The report includes data from Tampa, Orlando and surrounding communities. It’s free of charge and can be downloaded here.

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Free Download - How To Be A Resume Detective

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Jun 22, 2015 10:39:00 AM

Hiregy is pleased to announce the release of our resume review guide, How To Be A Resume Detective!

A resume is often a hiring manager's first exposure to a candidate. Within every resume there are clues that show whether a candidate is worth the investment of time and resources necessary to advance them to the interview stage of the hiring process.

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A Manager's Guide To Onboarding

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Apr 6, 2015 11:52:00 AM

Hiregy is pleased to announce the release of A Manager's Guide to Onboarding!

Companies in the U.S. spend an average of $10,731 getting new hires up to speed. Even with so much money spent, 25% of all recruits leave before the end of their first year. Those are astounding numbers. A good onboarding procedure can save companies money by helping new hires become more productive, much more quickly. If an employee feels like they have found their “fit” in the organization, they are much less likely to move on.

Our onboarding guide was developed with hiring managers in mind, to make the onboarding process at smooth as possible. This guide includes:

  • What to do when new employees enter the company.

  • What onboarding looks like.

  • How to implement the onboarding process.

  • The Do's and Don'ts of onboarding.
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How To Be A Resume Detective


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A Manager's Guide
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True Cost of Hiring Guide

True Cost of Hiring

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