Tips for Onboarding New Employees

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Mar 1, 2017 3:29:15 PM

Does your business have a thoughtful, systematic, and documented way to bring new hires “on board?” A strong onboarding process can increase employee satisfaction and productivity. It’s also been shown to increase the return that companies get on staff training investments.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Firing an Employee

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jul 28, 2015 2:29:00 PM

As an employer or supervisor, you may have to perform the uncomfortable task of firing an employee. The process is never easy; terminating an employee can be a time consuming process. You already spent numerous hours hiring and training an employee with the expectations of quality performance. Firing an employee will lead to more hours spent on one person. Every business owner knows time is money. Consider these do’s and don’ts to help in the termination process.

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You're Doing It Wrong: Performance Reviews

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Jan 28, 2015 9:22:00 AM

(Don't turn your purrformance review into a cat-astrophe.)

You may think that the title of this blog, “You’re Doing It Wrong: Performance Reviews” is aimed at an employee who is doing their job wrong and thus requires a review of their performance. Sorry if the wording was misleading, but that’s not the case. The title is aimed at managers, and the seemingly prevalent philosophy in workplaces these days towards performance reviews.

Performance reviews have gotten a bad rap. For many employees, hearing the term “performance review” brings about unease and anxiety, making them feel they are in trouble or their job is in danger. This is because some companies only conduct performance reviews when an employee has done something wrong, or is not living up to an established set of goals. 

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How to Successfully Manage a Work From Home Employee

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jan 20, 2015 3:02:00 PM

Advances in technology and a stronger emphasis on work-life balance have made working remotely more commonplace for all sorts of businesses. However, supervising a work from home employee can be a unique challenge. Here are four key tips on how to be prepared for the new working situation.

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Setting Attainable 2015 Goals

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jan 2, 2015 1:49:00 PM

Goal setting and creating individual performance plans can go a long way in creating a performance-focused organization. Regardless of what business you are in, the team you surround yourself with is the most important asset that you have. But how do you get your work group to perform at a high level from year to year? And how do you make the process doable?

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New Year's Resolutions For The Boss

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Dec 30, 2014 2:59:00 PM

Here we go again, a New Year, a new batch of New Year's Resolutions. These usually revolve around accomplishing things that will lead to a happier and healthier life. But what if you are unhappy working for a boss who's management style rubs you the wrong way? You can do all the crunches you want, substitute a wheat germ smoothie and half a grapefruit for your usual breakfast of two salad bowls worth of Fruity Pebbles, and even though you might feel better, walking into work every morning is still a drag.

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Interview Tips for Managers New to The Interview Process

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Apr 15, 2014 7:54:00 AM

Interviewing candidates is an incredibly important task. You want to find the person whose experience, skills and personality fit your company best. If you don’t prepare for the interview or pay attention to the job candidate, then you could end up missing out on the perfect employee. If this is your first time interviewing job candidates, then don’t stress out about it too much. As long as you prepare yourself, you will be fine. Here are a number of tips you should keep in mind in order to help you conduct a successful job interview:

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Hiring Managers Share Their Real Interview Nightmares

Posted by Bill Fries on Oct 30, 2013 8:43:00 AM

In honor of Halloween, we asked Tampa staffing managers to tell us some of the scariest things they’ve experienced in interviews.  We thought we’d get a few interesting stories; however, we were flooded with responses. A few common themes appeared including outrageous outfits, crazy reasons why people left their previous jobs and improper language use during interviews.

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Management Lessons From Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance

Posted by Bill Fries on Aug 28, 2013 8:09:00 AM

By now you’ve probably heard about Miley Cyrus’ performance Sunday night at MTV’s Video Music Awards.  The former Disney “Hannah Montana” star has taken a lucrative musical, television and movie career and turned it into something...interesting.  As I watched her thrust, thwart and twerk like a monkey high on a case of Red Bull, I realized there’s some hidden management gems we can learn from Ms. “I Don’t Want to Be Known As a Disney Star Anymore’s” VMA stunt.

  1. There’s no “I” in the word “team” – Miley performed a duet with pop star Robin Thicke along with two other guest stars. At one point, Miley was on stage with all of the other performers while Robin sang his current hit. Instead of enhancing Robin’s performance, her presentation was so distracting and disturbing, I’m not sure anyone even noticed the two other guest stars on stage. As managers, our job is to help those on our team perform at their best. We’re here to support them, not to “disturb” or upstage their performance with a personal need to feed an ego or cover for our deep insecurity. A team works together to make everyone look good.
  2. Watch your tongue – During the performance, Miley just couldn’t keep her tongue in her mouth. It kept popping out all over the place. You would have thought she was a dog in a park catching Frisbees on a hot day. Every time they cut to a close-up shot of Miley, there was that tongue again. It looked ridiculous. As managers, we sometimes stick out our tongues too much and quite frankly, it can make us look ridiculous too. We tend to speak too much and not listen enough.   When we talk without asking questions, listening and understanding, we get ourselves into trouble too.  
  3. Play to your strengths – At a young age, Miley earned the respect of other professionals in her business along with developing millions of fans. She was a great singer, dancer and actress living the dream of so many people. The values she portrayed early in her career, both on screen and off screen, were a huge part of her success. During her VMA performance, she played to a perceived weakness in her image, rather than standing back, evaluating her position and playing to her strengths.  Instead of embracing her talents and the strong image she’s developed over the years, she put all her efforts into trying to tackle her good girl image, which she sees as a weakness. Miley is not alone.  We all do this in our lives.  We tend to focus on perceived weaknesses instead of appreciating our talents.  (How many times have you looked in the mirror and focused on the negatives in your mind of your own image?) As managers, it’s our job to stop dwelling so much on the weaknesses and learn to appreciate the strengths of our team.  Then help each employee use those talents to be more successful.    
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