Top 5 Ways to Speed-Up Your Hiring Process

Posted by Shaun Androff on Apr 22, 2015 10:29:00 AM


Are you hiring like a snail? Does it take your company forever to make a final decision on a candidate? Sure, you want to learn the most you can about an applicant, but putting them through a hiring process that involves multiple phone screens, an in-person interview with Human Resources, a second round interview with a Hiring Manager, a third round interview with a panel of executives, a personality profile, the Wonderlic test, and then a professional case study to top it all off, is overkill. 

Sure, that example was exaggerated, but we have seen many companies with hiring processes that involve way too many steps. All these steps can cause a company to miss out on some great candidates.

The current job markets in the United States are starting to heat up and exceptional candidates go quickly. For example, in Orlando and Tampa we have seen that the great candidates are only available for a very short window of time. When you get a superstar in for an interview, you need to act quick or someone else will.

Here are 5 ways to speed-up your hiring process without losing quality vetting:

1. Shorten the amount of time between steps in the hiring process. Over the years we have seen some companies that consistently lose out on great candidates due to taking too many days and even weeks between each step of the process. If you really like a candidate you should get them to the next step of the process in two or three days.

2. Lessen the amount of people involved. Obviously, it is important to make sure you have the right fit and that the right people meet the candidate but in many cases companies have people meet candidates that will rarely even work with the candidate and their input is not all that helpful in the vetting process. The more people involved means the more schedules to coordinate and the more feedback to get. I recommend the direct supervisor and a few key decisions makers meet candidates if it is a more general level role.

3. Try to limit how often candidates have to come to your office. If candidates are coming to your office so often people think they already work there, then it is too much. Try your best to get all the key people that are going to need to meet the candidate to be in the office the same day so you can streamline the interview process. We have seen companies have candidates come to their office 3, 4 and 5 times for interviews. Each trip is more time off work, money and coordinating life to accommodate for the interview. Another company that moves quicker is on a final offer, while the slower one is on round 3 of 5 and yet again loses a superstar.  

4. Streamline testing and profiles. Not every person in the company needs the exact same testing. Be mindful of how much time it takes to email tests, to get results and which candidates really need to take what tests. This will also help streamline the process by ensuring you are getting the testing you need for each role. 

5. Make sure to stay in touch with the candidate throughout the process.  Many times candidates think they did not get a job they were very excited about because the person that is tasked to keep the interview process moving got back to them too slow. In the company's eyes, a candidate could be ideal for a role and they are internally trying to set up schedules for a next step but because no one ever told the candidate, they have already checked out and may have already taken another role. Within 48 hours of each step in the process the candidate should hear from the company about next steps.

By speeding up your interview process you will make sure to capture your next superstar.

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