Tips for Finding Your Next Great Employee

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Dec 26, 2017 9:41:02 AM

The new year promises to be a good one for businesses. That means it’s likely your company will be making new hires. It also means you’ll be facing competition from other Tampa, St Petersburg and Orlando businesses for the best talent. How can you succeed in attracting top performers? Take time to assess your needs and resources before you call your staffing agency.


Talk to team leaders. Interview the people on your staff who oversee employees. Find out what they need most from a new hire and clarify the skills and experience they’re looking for. This will simplify your hiring decision and help your staffing agency find the best prospects for your team.

Look within. You may already have your next great employee on your team. Evaluate staff member workloads, attendance records and productivity. You could discover that a simple shift in responsibilities and schedules could solve your problem. Or you may discover a new role that can streamline work across departments.

Assess the workload. When you contact your Tampa, St Petersburg or Orlando staffing agency, you’ll want to know whether your hiring need is short- or long-term. If you need staff to assist through a crunch time or for a specific project, a temporary or contract hire may be a fit. For long-term needs, a full-time employee may be your best bet. Central Florida staffing agencies like Hiregy offer flex-staff options that allow you to commit to just the level of support you need. You can also bring on a contract worker who can later move to full-time status.

Consider the cost. Confirm that you have the financial resources to sustain a long- or short-term employee and be clear on what kind of a return on your investment you expect from the new hire. This will help you determine if you need a junior or senior employee, or you’d be better off looking for a contractor. A reputable Tampa, St Petersburg or Orlando staffing agency can help you assess your needs.

Wait for the right hire. Successful team members feel comfortable in their workplace. That’s why it’s important to onboard someone with the right skills and experience who is also a good fit with your company culture. Take time to articulate the characteristics that make your business environment a great place to work, and share those details with your staffing agency. This will help you identify your next great hire when he or she walks through the door.

Find out how Hiregy can help your business create and implement a staffing strategy. Request a free consultation today.

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