The Office Pet Peeves Tournament Part 3

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Apr 3, 2015 1:28:00 PM


We are through the first two rounds of Hiregy's Office Pet Peeve Tournament! The competition has been fierce, and we are down to our final four. A quick recap:

In Part 1, tournament favorite Fridge Thievery won in a landslide against plucky upstart, and this author's personal office pet peeve, Wrong Time on the Microwave. The other matchup saw Dirty Microwave prevailing over Empty Water Jug. 

Part 2 was full of upsets, with Thermostat Teeter-Totter squeaking out a win verse What's Wrong With the Printer and, in the tournament's biggest surprise, Heavy on the Scent drubbed Empty Coffee Pot. 

Let's get into the voting on our final four office pet peeves.

(1) Fridge Thievery vs. (4) Dirty Microwave

We stay in the kitchen for this heavyweight, 2nd round matchup. It was not surprising to see Fridge Thievery win in the first round. The suprising thing was that four people actually voted against it. On further investigation, Fridge Thievery is not only a pet peeve, but is also considered petit theft in Florida, which is prosecuted as a misdemeanor. The only actual criminal activity in this competition is going to be very tough to knock off.

Dirty Microwave has a chance though, as I suspect (and hope) that dirty microwaves are a more common sort of pet peeve in offices around America than Fridge Thievery. Having worked in many offices, I have come across my fair share of dirty microwaves. The best way to get around the dirty microwave issue is to promote Proper Microwave Etiquette, including the all important rule, Clean Up After Yourself.

So, who's it gonna be? Fridge Thievery or that Dirty Microwave.

(Voting has been closed! Fridge Thievery wins, 15 - 10.)


 (6) Heavy on the Scent vs. (7) Thermostat Teeter-Totter

This round is all about your senses. In one corner, it's Heavy on the Scent, featuring your office's own Pepe Le Pew who leaves a frangrance trail wherever he or she treads. Regardless if it is Chanel No. 5 or Axe Body Spray's Dark Temptation, if your officemate smells like he or she showered in the scent, it's way too much. You go through your day hoping they don't stop by your office for a quick chat, and if they do, their pungent memory will remain long after they have left. 

Thermostat Teeter-Totter is a battle waged daily in offices all over the world between the hot and cold blooded among us. Many studies have been done to find the optimal work place climate, as the temperature in an office has a direct affect on productivity. Hopefully, you can find a happy medium in your office, and the people that get cold easily can bring in a sweater, and the folks that get hot can invest in those Japanese handheld fans.

Who wins this epic struggle? Heavy on the Scent or Thermostat Teeter-Totter?

(Voting has been closed! Heavy on the Scent wins, 17 - 8.)


Thanks for voting! If you have a pet peeve to add, please do so in the comments.

Don't forget to check back next week for The Office Pet Peeve Tournament Final!

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