The Office Pet Peeves Tournament Champion

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Apr 17, 2015 8:50:00 AM


Over the last four weeks we have taken a look at the biggest pet peeves that office workers encounter. If you haven't been following along with the fun, please take a look back here. From the various ailments and error messages of the office printer, to the coworker who buys his Burberry cologne by the bucket, all of our office pet peeves have a valid claim to the crown.

But, as with any tournament, their can only be one champion.

I would take a moment to honor each of our tournament's eight participants with a One Shining Moment lookback, but a copyright infringement lawsuit isn't what this blog is aiming for. So instead, let's take a few moments to celebrate our worthy champion:

Fridge Thievery

Was there really any question to the inevitable crowning of this most deserving of champions? Sure, Heavy on the Scent put up a valiant effort in the finals, but Frige Thievery is not just a crime against another person's senses, it's an actual crime. When it comes to office pet peeves, it is the lowest of the low.

We look at the office refrigerator as a safe haven for snacks. A place to keep leftover ravioli and a Diet Mountain Dew cold until lunch. It is not some sort of communal free for all, a frigid magician's box where carrot sticks, apple slices, half-full bottles of ranch dressing and leftover birthday cakes go to disappear (and to never be seen again).

What do you do if someone in your office is stealing your lunch? The most common approach is to make sure your food is labeled with your name. There should not be fridge thievery regardless, but having a label with a name personalizes an item, and thus can hinder a reticent thief.

Bolder thieves call for bolder tactics, of which there are plenty on the internet. I will neither highlight nor suggest any of these tactics, as some are downright dastardly (and two wrongs do not make a right). My best suggestion would be to let your HR department or superiors know, and let them handle it justly.

Or, you can hire an office linebacker to police the break room.

Thank you for participating in our Office Pet Peeve Tournament. Like what you're reading? Be sure to check out the rest of The Hiregy blog here.

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