The Office Pet Peeves Tournament Part 2

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Mar 27, 2015 10:19:00 AM


We are now in the second bracket of our Office Pet Peeves tournament. Last week we voted on Fridge Thievery vs. Wrong Time on the Microwave and Dirty Microwave vs. Empty Water Jug. Before we get to the next set of matchups, a few words on last week's voting. Fridge Thievery (defined as lunches getting stolen from the break room fridge) was expected to win in a landslide, and as of this writing it is up 38 to 3. This tells me that most people view Fridge Thievery as way worse than any office pet peeve, which is to be expected. It also tells me that there are 3 people running around in some office somewhere who do not think it is much of a problem to steal their coworker's ham and swiss sandwich. Please be on the lookout for these folks.

This week's competitors feature a familiar list of office pet peeve usual suspects. Let's jump right in.

(2) What's Wrong With The Printer? vs. (7) Thermostat Teeter-Totter

Our number 2 seeded pet peeve is the printer. The cause of much consternation among offices, office printers march to the beat of their own printer drum error. Paper jams, mysterious error codes, and consistently slow output, printers are the office divas, working when they want to and causing havoc the rest of the time. The printer is a vital part of office life...and they know it.

Battling against the printer is Thermostat Teeter-Totter. In this no-win situation, Thermostat Teeter-Totter occurs when the internal thermostats of various co-workers do not align. For instance, Shelia and Barbara like the office a bit on the chilly side, while Ed, Diane and Simon prefer a warmer climate. Ed turns the thermostat up, and a few minutes later, Barbara turns it down. Up and down, up and down, up and down we go. With neither side willing to concede or make concessions (maybe Diane can bring in a cardigan?), the battle for a comfortable temperature wages on. 

Which is the bigger pet peeve? What's Wrong With The Printer or Thermostat Teeter-Totter?

(Voting has been closed! Thermostat Teeter-Totter wins a close match, 20 - 18.)


(3) Empty Coffee Pot vs. (6) Heavy on the Scent

After last week's bracket, I had a few people mention to me that Empty Coffee Pot should definitely be included. I'm not a regular coffee drinker myself, so I was not as in the know to this situation. At many offices, one person becomes the designated coffee person. That person comes in and makes the first pot of joe, and as people filter in through the break room, they'll pour themselves a cup. In offices where coffee is the lifeblood of productivity, it is only common courtesy that if you took the last cup, to go ahead and make another pot. (Our office runs on a Kuerig, so we do not run into that problem.)

Our 6 seeded competitor is Heavy on the Scent. This is the coworker who really enjoys a good perfume or cologne, so much so that they may have even showered in it. There's no question as to whether that person is in the office today or not, because you can follow the scent and track them down. This can be especially frustrating in a cubicle environment. Good personal hygiene is a great trait to have, but a quick spritz goes over a lot better than a dousing.

Which is worse? Empty Coffee Pot or Heavy on the Scent?

(Voting has been closed! Heavy on the Scent with the upset over Empty Coffee Pot, 28 - 6!)


Thanks for voting! If you have any pet peeves to add, please do so in the comments section.

Don't forget to check back next week, when we the competition heats up in our championship rounds!

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