The Follow-Up Interview on Game of Thrones

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Candidates who impress during a first interview, and have all the qualifications a hiring manager is looking for, will most likely be asked back for a follow-up interview. Hiring managers use the follow-up interview as a chance to ask more in-depth questions to the candidate, give additional information regarding the position, or take the opportunity to let the candidate meet with other employees of the company.

In a previous blog, we broke down the first interview between two important characters on HBO's Game of Thrones. The candidate in this case did very well in his initial interview, and was asked back for a follow-up. We will be breaking down that interview here. As mentioned in the previous blog, there will be slight spoilers for the show, so if you are not caught up with all that is going on in Westeros (and Essos), please skip to the bottom for the wrap up.

The Follow-Up Interview

As previously stated, Tyrion Lannister aced his first interview with Daenarys "Dany" Targaryen. In answering her interview questions, he was able to display his knowledge of the position and why he would be the perfect fit. He also offered her some great advice on a pressing issue. Dany was so impressed that she invited him back for a follow-up interview.

A Different Environment

Whereas the first interview took place in a very intimidating throne room, complete with armed guards, the follow-up interview was in a much less stressful environment. Not only was Tyrion allowed to sit, he was also on the same level as Dany. No armed guards were present, and there were actually refreshments! 


A hiring manager may decide to hold a second meeting with a candidate in a different environment than the first, to see how the candidate functions in a different setting. This setting could be more professional, with more collegues, or it could be a looser, relaxed environment, as is the case with Tyrion and Dany.

Direct Questions

Although the setting was relaxed, Dany's interview questions were not. Dany's leadership style is that of a Democratic Leader. She's not looking for a "Yes Man", and values honest advice from her advisors. Her line of questioning, and her tone, was set to gauge how Tyrion would respond to her style of leadership. 

Tyrion remained confident in all his responses. Even with the threat of "not being hired" (which, in his case, would also mean his death), he answered honestly.

Questions in a follow-up interview will be more precise, more directed to the exact position. Hiring managers want to make sure you have the experience and knowledge to function in this role. 

Not Wasting Any Time

Thankfully for us show watchers, Tyrion landed the job. His politcal knowledge, and his belief in Dany's cause (reclaiming/conquering Westeros) made him a valuable asset to Dany. Usually, once selected for a position, a candidate will be able to give 2 weeks notice at their current place of employment. They will then start with their new company and go through an onboarding program. With Tyrion not having a former place of employment, and Dany not wanting to waste time, they got right down to business, with Tyrion's "onboarding program" being when Dany had him put down his cup of wine so he was not too drunk to give her advice.

The Spoiler Alert Has Been Lifted

Welcome back, spoiler avoiders! Here's a quick recap of our interview:

1. The setting for the second interview was more relaxed than the first, with the candidate even being allowed to sit down.

2. The interviewer kept her questions direct, to reflect her leadership style. If this candidate was to become an employee, she wanted to see how he would respond to her personality.

3. The candidate was offered the job on the spot, and instantly started working. This is not a usual occurence. There are many reasons why new employees should go through an onboarding process, as we have outlined here and here.

Follow-up interviews will vary in many ways from the initial interviews, from a new setting, to a more direct line of questioning. We congratulate this Game of Thrones candidate on his new job and for traversing such a tricky second interview with confidence. 

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