Setting Goals and Performance Objectives in the Onboarding Process

Posted by Hiregy Staff on May 11, 2015 1:32:00 PM


Often the most frustrating thing for a job seeker or new hire is a vague job description with little feedback for clarity on the desired role. This can lead to a negative connection to your company and even cause conflict, leading a new employee to leave the company in less than a year.

Early employee exits and high turnover rates cost your business valuable time and money, decreasing productivity and ROI on recruitment and training. Additionally, these occurrences can leave existing employees with declining morale and doubting their place in the company.

Set Clear Objectives

By clearly establishing definite roles and exact expectations during the onboarding process, ambiguity is reduced and your employee can focus on what is important. Understanding objectives from managers and mentors provides your employee better direction to perform their job, increasing productivity and offering specific guidelines of what success looks like at your company and within their role. This is a way to give employees a positive and comprehensive view of what they can achieve working with you.

Schedule Checkpoints in Advance

Having milestones scheduled in advance lets your employee know where they should be performing at different stages of their first year. It allows them to see your expectations and self-evaluate their performance prior to meeting with management and think about goals for the next checkpoint.

We suggest mapping out specific expectations, goals and objectives for checkpoints at:

  • 1 week

  • 30 days

  • 90 days

  • 1 year (if applicable)

Standardize Your Process

Standardization is key to successfully implementing an onboarding strategy. It creates a predictable flow for managers, reducing tension and benefiting everyone. The same process can be used across the company, with appropriate amendments for each position.

Setting clear expectations helps to establish mutual respect between you and your employees during the onboarding process. Maintain this positive relationship throughout an employee’s first year with the company with scheduled checkpoints. By standardizing the process every employee is equally valued. These clear and established onboarding procedures improve your employee’s satisfaction at your company, raise morale, and increase employee retention saving your business time and money while enhancing productivity.

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