Resume Review Tips for Hiring Managers: Spotting Job Hoppers

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Jul 16, 2015 8:40:00 AM


In our most recent piece of premium content, How To Be a Resume Detective, we put resumes under the magnifying glass to help hiring managers get a better sense of the candidates that have submitted for their jobs. A quick glance at a resume that is full of Red Flags (typos, poor formatting, odd font and color choices) can eliminate that resume from consideration, but most resumes need a deeper look. 

Further investigation into the Work Experience section of a resume will help hiring managers spot a type of candidate known as The Job Hopper. A Job Hopper is one who, as the name would imply, hops from job to job. There are many reasons a Job Hopper hops the way they do, and as a hiring manager, you should be aware of these reasons and what they mean for your company.

Reasons for job hopping can include:

- Diversifying a resume

- To make more money.

- Acquire additional skills.

- Expanding one's network.

These are all reasonable reasons. A good candidate may have hopped a few jobs early on in his or her career. This is becoming more common with millenials, as they are not looking to stay with one job for their lifetime.

What is a cause for concern is a candidate who may have put in a few months at each position they have been with in the last year or two. If they have a history of only sticking around for a small amount of time, well, history tends to repeat itself. Putting in a few years of work at each company shows that this candidate can be depended on to stick around. 

The time and money invested in recruiting, interviewing and onboarding a new employee is significant. Look for candidates who have a history of putting in at least a few years of employment with each company they have worked for, making your investment more likely to pay off.

For more information on how to thoroughly review a resume, download our free guide, How To Be A Resume Detective.

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