Recognizing Employees During The Holidays

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Dec 11, 2014 11:48:00 AM

EmployeeRecognition2The holidays are a great time to recognize your employees for the work they have done over the past year. This recognition can be through bonuses, gift cards or a company party. We asked some of our clients to share with us the different ways their companies celebrate employees during the holiday season.

  • Giving Back.  Health Integrated offers employees the chance to participate in a "Pay To Wear Jeans" fundraiser, with proceeds going to a local charity. Cott Beverages puts up a Salvation Army Tree to benefit local children who may otherwise not be getting presents. These are great ways to give back during the holiday season.
  • Literally Bowling A Turkey.  TelAffects kicks off the holiday season in an awesomely unique way by using slip-n-slides, soda bottles and frozen turkeys to play Turkey Bowling. The winners take home turkeys from their lanes. As they get into December, they have a holiday dessert and cocoa day, and a party for employees and their families.
  • Holiday Auction.  The call center at New York Life has thrown a dinner and dancing party in the past for its employees, complete with a cool holiday auction. Employees are given fun money based on performance and can use this currency to bid on a wide range of items. Employees with more of the currency can bid on the high ticket items, but everyone leaves with something.
  • Ugly Sweaters Rule The Season.  Many of our clients participate in the time honored tradition of donning the ugliest, gaudiest sweaters imagineable. These can be worn around the office for a day or turned into a competition.
  • It's Better To Give Than To Recieve.  Most of the clients polled said they do gift exchanges as a way to spread cheer throughout the office.  I suggest sticking with the Secret Santa variety, as opposed to the Yankee Swap which can lead to unintended consequences

Whatever you decide to do to recognize your employees, whether it be hurling frozen turkeys at empty soda bottles, or convincing the staff to wear sweaters featuring a bedazzled Saint Nick and a multitude of penguins, make sure to have fun with it.  Celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to the success your team will have in the year ahead.

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