Partner with A Staffing Agency to Boost Business Growth

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Nov 29, 2016 4:36:06 PM

Successful businesses are always poised for growth. Using employment agencies to add staff during busy times can help your company seize new opportunities while keeping costs in line. It can also boost morale by helping team members manage growing workloads. Here are five ways to use staffing and employment agency services to take your business to the next level.

  1. Focus on efficiency. Working with a staffing firm during times of growth can save your company time and money. For example, using staff time to find and screen candidates can be a drain on the bottom line because it reduces the hours that seasoned team members are available to handle day-to-day work. And it typically takes a full-time manager up to six weeks to fill an open position. As an alternative, a Tampa or Orlando employment agency can help you locate qualified temporary or permanent workers so you can leave existing staff free to focus on core competencies.

  2. Find exceptional candidates. There’s always a chance that new employees won’t be a good fit for your business. Employment agencies are designed to minimize this risk. Professional recruiting and staffing agencies use detailed search and screening tools to find the best candidates quickly. In addition, a recruitment agency may offer an option to bring candidates on board as a temporary contract staff and move him or her to a permanent position later.

  3. Recruit all the time. Sports teams are famous for maintaining a “bench” of great talent to turn to when the need arises. Your business can do the same thing. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a Tampa or Orlando employment agency can open a pipeline to qualified contract workers. When new projects appear on the horizon, you’ll be poised to take them on and fuel your company’s growth. In some cases, your ability to expand capacity quickly may be the deciding factor for a prospective client who needs to choose between your business and a competitor.

  4. Add new capabilities. Expansion is often accompanied by a need for additional in-house skills. Working with a professional employment agency that understands your industry will make it easier for you to locate and evaluate prospective employees with the expertise and experience you need.

  5. Define your hiring process in advance. The best time to plan for hiring is before you have a need. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a reputable Tampa/Orlando staffing agency such as Hiregy can help you answer important questions before your hiring need is critical. For example, an agency can help you formalize your strategy for screening potential candidates, conducting interviews, doing background checks, and more. This upfront planning can reduce the time needed to fill new roles significantly.

Contact Hiregy today to find out how we can help you create and implement a solid staffing strategy.


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