Now is the Time to hire

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Sep 26, 2017 10:02:38 PM

Just a few years ago, competition for available positions was fierce. Advertising an open job could yield 100 or more qualified applicants. If you’re in charge of hiring for your organization, you may wish those days would return. Don’t. The economy is strong and that’s good for business. Today’s tight hiring market just means you’ll need to work a little harder to attract the candidates you want. But it’s still a terrific time to hire. Why? 

Now is the time to hire.More people are working.  This may seem counterintuitive, but the best candidate for an open position is someone who is currently employed.  Holding onto a job signals that a person is employable, and suggests he or she is reliable.  In addition, applicants who are employed and feel confident seeking other opportunities are self-motivated and have clear goals.  

Applicants are not acting out of desperation.  You want people to work for you who are excited about their job, not people who are settling for whatever job they can get.  If someone submits a resume for your open position in this job market, you can be confident they saw something in your job description that genuinely appealed to them.

Available talent is more educated and experienced.  When the job market slowed, many people chose to go back to school.  Whether they pursued a new degree or expanded their knowledge in their current field, many of these people are more prepared for their careers than they were before the downturn.

Applicants are thinking long-term.  Within this current period of economic stability, more professionals are focused on the long haul.  Whereas a few years ago they might have been happy just to bring in a paycheck, they now believe they will have an opportunity to build a successful career.

Hiregy is now fielding quality applicants in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Orlando. Contact us to put the improving economy and shifting employment pool to work for your growing company. We can help you connect with the exceptional candidates you're looking for.   

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