How to Increase Employee Retention Even Before the Hire

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Apr 30, 2015 9:19:00 AM


Employee retention problems can be costly for businesses. In fact, our data reports US companies spend an average of $10,731 to get new employees up to speed. This cost grows as your turn over rate increases and training for the same role repeatedly costs your business valuable time.

Save Time and Money

What can you do to save the cost and time spent training new hires and to improve overall productivity at your business? Increase your employee retention even before the hire with an onboarding procedure.

What is Onboarding?

An onboarding procedure is a strategic, systematic method of bringing an employee “on board” once they are hired. Your onboarding guide should include valuable information and reference materials for new hires including:

An Introduction to the Company

Provide an overview of your company’s mission and vision as well as your company culture.

An Introduction to Their Workspace

Offer a tour of your facility and its points of interest to show each employee where they will be working.

An Introduction to Equipment, Policies, and Procedures

Demonstrate how to use the copier or which printer to use, how to login to their computer or email, and where to find supplies.

An Introduction to Their Role in the Company

Define each new employee’s role, responsibilities, and expectations in a clear and direct manner to avoid confusion.

Develop a standardized onboarding procedure for all employees, so when your next candidate walks in the office for his or her first day, you are prepared.

Increase Employee Retention

Having an onboarding procedure in place shows new hires they are welcome and eases their transition from candidate to new employee. Without the crucial structure of onboarding in place a new hire can feel confused, frustrated, or even bored. These negative feelings can be difficult to amend and lead the new employee to leave the company sooner.


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