How to Hire Temporary Help for the Holidays

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Oct 18, 2018 9:45:41 AM

Trick-or-treaters, turkeys and Santa will soon be here, and the big question for employers is, “Are you ready?” In many cases, businesses need to make sure they have sufficient holiday help to keep customers happy and employees productive during their busiest time of year. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to hire holiday help.Hiring seasonal help

Time Your Hiring: When considering holiday temp help, determine the period of time during the season when your company will benefit most from additional workers. Hiring too early could result in not enough work to sustain all your employees, which could jeopardize profits. Hiring too late could cause your full-time staff to fall behind in fulfilling their duties, result in customer complaints and employee morale issues. Another pitfall to avoid? Letting seasonal workers go too early. Traffic after the holidays may also be high as shoppers make returns and take advantage of post-holiday sales.

Define Your Needs: Once you’ve pinpointed when to hire temporary employees, it’s time to draft job descriptions. Because you’re hiring for only a particular period of time, make sure your job descriptions are specific in terms of expectations, pay rate, work hours and start/end dates. In many cases, it may be helpful to work with a staffing agency to determine how best to structure pay rates and work schedules. A staffing firm can also help you write job descriptions that will maximize your hiring pool.

Be Flexible: Many individuals seek temporary work at the end of the year to earn extra money for the holidays. When interviewing, remember that potential hires may already be working or have other commitments. If this is the case, their availability may have some limits. These individuals could still be great temp employees if you determine that their availability matches your business needs.

Advertise the Position: Seasonal workers may search for temporary work via job websites or through staffing agencies that specialize in placing temporary workers. Once you’re ready to advertise for holiday workers, consider positing your ads on websites such as or Or, to save time, contact a staffing firm that maintains a pool of temporary help that is ready to work when needed.

Focus on the Future: Many temporary workers will be interested in full-time work after their seasonal work ends. Keep a close eye on how your temp workforce performs so you can pinpoint which team members would make great permanent hires.

The team at Hiregy wishes you a safe, happy and prosperous holiday season.


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