How to Get Exceptional Value from Your Executive Recruiting Firm

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jul 22, 2016 10:40:13 AM

Using an executive recruiting firm to find new employees can help companies locate the best and the brightest. Working with a recruiting firm can also save time and money. Follow these tips to make the most of your recruiting firm relationship.

  1. Understand the costs and benefits
    Recruiting is expensive regardless of whether or not you work with an executive recruiting firm. To understand the true costs of hiring, Tampa and Orlando businesses have to take into account all expenses incurred during a hiring process. For example, current staff members often spend time interviewing and reviewing resumes when a new hire is needed, which takes them away from core competencies. And without the help of a seasoned recruiting firm to vet applicants, much of this time may be spent on unpromising candidates. An even greater expense is the cost of hiring the wrong person, only to have to invest in the recruiting process all over again. Working with a reputable Tampa/Orlando recruiting firm can help your team stay productive while minimizing the risk of a bad hire.

  2. Screen candidates thoroughly.
    Screening applicants can be difficult for a company to handle internally, but the best recruiting firms will have well-defined hiring processes that reveal a complete picture of each prospect. Most ethical recruiters encourage testing to ensure candidates are as skilled as their resumes would have you believe. Many also do thorough background and reference checks. For example, Hiregy has a formal candidate screening process that builds a complete profile of a promising applicant.  This helps to separate quality candidates from those with a tendency to exaggerate.

  3. Work to find quality candidates quickly.
    The best Tampa and Orlando recruiting firms have pre-screened candidates waiting in the wings. They stay connected to businesses in the community and have a wider network than individual companies and professionals. This allows them to find good candidates quickly. Companies that try to hire quickly without the help of a recruiting agency often find themselves buried in resumes from unqualified job seekers, which can lead to making the wrong hire.

  4. Look for an efficient recruiting partner.
    Reputable recruiting firms are able to work independently after making a thorough assessment of the type of candidates you need. This frees your company to continue taking care of day-to-day needs of your clients. Even better, if you treat your recruiting firm as a long-term business partner, the company will be able to be more and more effective in its support of your business, even offering strategic insights that will help you grow your staff and company.

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