How to Evaluate a Job Seeker’s Skills

Posted by Caitlin Thompson on Oct 26, 2016 3:00:53 PM

It’s exciting to meet job candidates who promise to be a great fit with your team and company culture. But in order to be successful, your new hires also need to have the practical skills and experience the position demands. Yet, sometimes it’s difficult to get all the information you need about a candidate’s background from a resume. Fortunately, well-crafted interviewquestions can help you dig into details that will ensure you make an exceptional hire. 


  1. Describe the team at your last job. Some people work well as part of a team and others work better independently. Asking about teamwork in past roles can help you reveal which category a job seeker falls into. You can also ask follow up questions, such as whether or not they wished their team was bigger or smaller, and why.
  1. What did you like and dislike about your past managers? Asking candidates about previous supervisors will help you discover if they respond well to oversight. It can also give you a clue about whether or not they needed to be micro-managed. Did they have the ability to take a project from start to finish? Were they asked to check-in frequently with their managers? Keep in mind that this could be a reflection of their previous manager and not of their level of ability, but pay attention to how they talk about this experience to gain insight into how they respond to leadership.
  1. What aspects of your past work would you do differently today? This question puts a new spin on the tired “What is your greatest weakness?” It forces job seekers to reflect on their past performance, and gives them an opportunity to speak honestly about how they’d like to improve. Conversely, it also gives them a chance to blame someone else for areas in which they come up short, a sign that they may not be the winning hire you hoped for.
  1. How do you believe you can make a positive contribution to this company? Candidates who have confidence in their strengths and abilities will have no problem telling you how they hope to help your business; weaker candidates won’t be as sure. This question delivers in other ways as well. How job seekers respond can give you insight into their ability to see the big picture behind your company’s mission and success.

Asking the right questions will help you make the right hiring decisions. Download our Hiring Manager's Toolbox with 22 Surefire interview questions.


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