How to Compete in Today’s Tight Hiring Market

Posted by Caitlin Thompson on Jan 28, 2016 10:57:49 AM

With 4.6 percent unemployment, we’re facing a challenging hiring market. Exceptional people are in short supply, which means it’s time to approach hiring more strategically. Here’s what you can do to gain an edge on your competition.


  • Don’t settle. When pressure is high and your team is working long hours, it can be easy to hire someone who is a ‘somewhat’ good fit for your needs. Resist this temptation. It’s a short-term fix that could cause long-term headaches. Instead, find ways to reward employees who pick up slack while you’re filling the position. Let them know that you’re working to find the right person for the role because you want their new team member to contribute fully to the company’s success.
  • Expand your reach. You may be getting a lot of resumes from people who are out of work. But with a 4.6% unemployment rate, there’s a good chance that the best person for your company is already working for someone else. He or she may be looking for a change, but perhaps not actively enough to know about your opportunity. This is one reason why working with a company like Hiregy may make sense right now. With 10 years of experience in the Central Florida market, we have deep connections that we can put to work on your behalf. We can reach out to potential candidates quickly and easily.
  • Look within.If you’re having trouble filling an important role, take a close look at your team. Does anyone shine as a quick learner with a can-do attitude? Decide whether the proper training could prepare this person to take on the position. If so, you may be able to boost morale and build long-term employee loyalty by promoting from within. Your team member will be excited about the opportunity to advance and build skills, and he or she can be involved in training the replacement. 
  • Know what you’re willing to spend. The costs associated with hiring the wrong person are high – lost productivity, administrative time needed to launch a replacement search, time and paperwork needed to orient new employees. There’s also the intangible cost of lower staff morale as your team grapples with having the wrong coworker in place. Take a look at the cost of making the wrong hire, and then decide how much you’re willing to invest in making the right one the first time. Once you make that decision, decide on the best way to use those funds to get someone in place as quickly as possible. Searches that drag on for longer than expected usually end up costing more than expected, especially when considering advertising costs, resume review, interview time, and lost business opportunities from being understaffed.

 If you’re looking for the right candidates for your business, Hiregy can help you navigate the tight hiring market. Contact us today: In Tampa, call 813-449-4800, and in Orlando, call 407-270-2700.


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