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Posted by Shaun Androff on Dec 25, 2016 2:50:15 PM

Some companies manage to attract top talent, again and again. But how? Many of these "applicant magnets" offer average salaries and benefits, yet workers flock to join their ranks. The truth is that job seekers look for more than a paycheck. And when they find an employer with the ability to make their work-life fulfilling, they pursue a position with that business with passion.

So how can you cultivate the X factor for your business? Use these tips as a guide:


Focus on Company Culture
Many people spend the majority of their time awake at their jobs. Businesses that treat employees as stakeholders and partners are more likely to create work environments that they enjoy. A company culture that consistently puts employees first, listens to their input and makes time for fun every once in a while is likely to be rewarded with staff longevity and loyalty. Happy employees will also spread the word to their peers that your company is a great place to work.

Surprise and Delight
While it’s nice to have casual Friday, there are other things you can do to create a work environment that makes people happy to walk through your door each day. Consider having a flexible vacation policy, or mandatory time off for birthdays. Try team karaoke contests or special recognition for long-term staff, such as month long sabbaticals after three years of service.

Make It Personal
Make an effort to learn about your team’s personal lives and find ways to support the things that matter. Is a staff member celebrating a wedding anniversary over dinner? Call the restaurant and have a bottle of champagne delivered to the table. Is someone running a marathon? Organize a support party at mile 25, complete with flashy posters and horns.

Make Hiring Everyone’s Job
Encourage employees to introduce potential new hire to your business. People tend to build social networks that reflect what they value, and that includes the value of hard work. It’s easier to actively recruit someone who is likely to be a good fit, rather than weed through random applications.

And when you find the right candidate, use our onboarding guide to make them feel welcome.


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