Company Holiday Party Survival Guide

Posted by Shaun Androff on Dec 5, 2014 2:22:00 PM

Company holiday parties are as nostalgic as the plate of cookies left out for Santa… and can be just as fun too. Holiday parties are a great time for employees to get together and celebrate the close of a year and look forward to another prosperous year. Most people have a great time with their coworkers and really enjoy themselves; however, there are some who embarrass themselves and regret office party

To make the most of your company’s holiday party, Hiregy has created the Company Holiday Party Survival Guide to make sure you are the one having a goodtime without any embarrassment heading into the New Year:

1.    Attend the party.  Even though December is a super hectic, making time to attend your company’s party is very important. This is a rare chance to get-to-know and connect with the people you work with outside the office.  If you are a staffing manager, you should definitely attend to support your team.

2.    Get to know more about your coworkers.  Make sure you ask them about their personal hobbies or interests you may not have time to talk about at work.  Think of it as a game. What two new things can you learn about each coworker at the party that you wouldn’t learn at work?   The intent of this is to connect with your coworkers on a more personal level.  Ask them about hobbies, travel plans, where they are from, favorite sports teams, kids and pets.  

3.    Bring a great attitude.  Be positive and fun!  Leave the drama and negativity at home.  No one likes to hang around with the person who just shows up because of a sense of duty. Make a sincere effort to make sure everyone has a great time and is glad they attended too.

Office Party Ron Burgundy

4.    Watch the drinks.   For some, this means no more than 2 to 3 drinks max!  There are decades worth of office party stories where someone made copies in the supply room they wish they had never made.  Don’t be this person.  Have fun and if you choose to partake in the holiday spirit just make sure to cut yourself off after a few drinks. As Ron Burgundy of Anchorman would say, “Keep it Classy Tampa Bay.”

5.    Avoid the gossip.   Try your best to avoid office gossip especially at anyone’s expense. This party is all about having fun, getting to know your coworkers and truly being grateful for having wonderful people to spend so much of your time with.

Enjoy your company party and happy holidays to all!  

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