Tampa Call Center Staffing Continues to Grow

Posted by Bill Fries on Oct 1, 2013 11:52:00 AM

One of the brightest signs in Tampa’s economy is the continued growth in call center jobs in 2013. Traditionally, Tampa has been a southeast hub of call centers for large companies including Disney, UPS, Home Depot and United Health Care. A strong communications infrastructure, excellent weather, low taxes and a strong supply of great, customer-service minded talent make Tampa the perfect choice to host a company’s call center.

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In the past year, companies like Verizon, HealthPlanOne, Terminix, T-Mobile and Humana just to name a few have all added Customer Service Representative positions.   As demand for talent increases, so is the hourly pay. At Hiregy, we’ve noticed a 7% increase in hourly wages for customer service positions in 2013 versus 2012.

In addition to the increase of traditional customer service call center positions; many companies are now requiring additional experience such as health care billing, insurance, logistics and even leadership. Talent experienced in call center operations including supervision, analysts, training and IT support have a greater number of opportunities now in Tampa than a year ago.  

Customer service is just one of several predicted growth areas as we head into 2014.   To read about other hiring trends for Tampa, download Hiregy’s 2013 Mid-Year Placement Report Now.

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