4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time To Be Hiring Talent

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Aug 2, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Without a doubt, the last several years have been a hiring manager's market.  An open position could easily command 100 or more qualified applicants and competition for available work was fierce.  Employers had certain luxuries and a substantial advantage over those seeking work.  Companies could seemingly command highly qualified, or even over-qualified employees at lower wages than in past times.  They had their choice among a large pool of potential employees -- applicants eager to find a job and willing to work for less compensation.  The best employment agencies Tampa Fl had to offer were flooded with shining resumes.

tampa employment agencyHowever, this advantage masked a double-edged sword.  As jobs were scarce, many of the vast amounts of people seeking work were currently unemployed.  This might seem harmless, even expected, and there is nothing inherently wrong with being unemployed and seeking work -- it happens to all of us.  However, when seeking key talent for your company, you want the best and most qualified people who are also the best fit.  Seeking the best employment agencies Tampa Fl offers will now provide you with better, more comfortable applicants in a recovering economy.

The economy is improving, more people are going back to work, and here are four key reasons to seek out and hire exceptional talent for your company in this particular economic climate:

1. More people are back at work.  This may seem counter-intuitive when seeking to fill a position or expand your talent pool, but in many ways the best candidate for an open position at your company is someone who is currently employed.  To start, you already know that the applicant is employable.  He or she brings proof of reliability and responsibility to the table.  Applicants who are employed and are feeling confident enough to seek other opportunities in the job market have drive, energy and clear goals.  

2. Applicants are not desperate.  Again, with prospective employees already at work or not far from a job, they will not feel desperate to take any job offered to them; rather, they will accept a position that they want at a company for which they want to work.  You want people to work for you that actually want to be there, at a job they are excited to do, not people who will simply settle for whatever they can get.  

3. Available talent is more educated and experienced.  When the job market slowed, many people chose to go back to school.  Whether to seek a new degree or expand knowledge in their current field, many people opted to spend the economic slump to study and better prepare themselves for a future job market instead of joining the ranks of job seekers.  Within your pool of applicants is more education and experience.

4. Applicants are thinking long-term.  With the economy on the upswing, professionals either entering the job market after graduation or those currently working and looking to shift their focus are thinking about the long haul.  Your company now has a great pool of talent to choose from; folks are concentrating on their careers and are not just snatching any job offered to them.  They aren't "settling" for your position only to jump ship when the opportunity arises.

Keeping these points in mind, the employment agencies Tampa Fl has are now fielding quality applicants and providing an even more focused resource pool to area companies.  Let the improving economy and shifting employment pool work to produce the best candidate for your growing company.


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