5 Easy Ways to Make a Great Impression During an Interview

Posted by Hiregy Staff on May 22, 2013 1:55:00 PM

When you interview, you often get one shot to make a great impression and sometimes it’s the things you don’t think about which make a lasting impression. Believe it or not, it’s easy to stand out in today’s job market with some simple tips. Here are 5 easy ways to make a great impression during your interview!describe the image

  1. Always be on time and preferably at least 5 minutes early.  This may seem very obvious to most; however, this one makes the most impact, particularly if you’re late.    This not only makes an impression on the hiring manager but also makes an impression on all the “others” in the process such as the receptionist, human resource manager and more.   Be respectful of their time by leaving plenty of time to find your way, anticipate travel issues and be ready to go in plenty of time.   Another tip:  don’t arrive too early either.   Be 15 minutes early at the most.
  2. Don’t bring guests to your interview.   No parents, boyfriends, friends, etc.   Come to the interview alone.   If someone has to drive you or assist you, have them wait outside or in the car. It looks very unprofessional when you need a chaperone for your interview and the hiring manager may think you are not responsible enough for your own actions.
  3. Come dressed to impress for the job you desire. First impressions are very long lasting and at all costs usually can make or break a hiring managers decision on whether to send you to the next step for an additional interview or passing on you and moving on to the next candidate. This doesn’t mean spending tons of money on brand named items, but professional attire appropriate for an office setting, leave the jeans, tennis shoes and night club outfits at home.  When in doubt, dress very professional and conservative.   Choose dark business color tones such as black, grey and blue.
  4. Come prepared and follow instructions.  Often times, hiring managers will send you instructions on what to bring with you or how to prepare including an application, two forms of identification, copy of your resume etc. Make sure you have everything in place and ready to go when arriving to your interview, if you cannot follow simple directions, it looks like you are not eager for the position.   Spend time researching the company and hiring manager on time.   Be prepared to ask great questions about the company and the position.
  5. Be positive!    Positivity is one of the top desired traits by hiring managers for all positions.   Be polite and positive to every one you meet during the process including key employees such as the receptionist.   Remember to frame all answers to questions in a positive way and don’t let yourself get caught speaking negatively about past positions, managers, etc.  


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