Integrate Temporary Staff Into Your Workforce Quickly

Posted by Bill Fries on Apr 25, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Many Tampa companies use temporary staffing to help with the peaks and valleys of work demands. Hiring temporary or contract workers is quick and easy when you work with a Tampa staffing agency. Successful implementation of a temporary staffing strategy starts with integrating contractors quickly into your team.   Temporary Staff Pizza

Here are 8 tips to help your temporary employees be more successful.

  1. Prep your team for the arrival of temporary staff.   Anytime you add staff to your team, it can change the dynamics.   Communicate your staffing strategy to your entire team so they understand the plan’s purpose, expectations and how it contributes to the overall success of the entire team. 
  2. Make them feel like part of the team.   Like all new employees, they’re going to be excited, a little nervous and anxious.   Welcome them graciously, personally give them a tour and introduce them to the team.  
  3. Be clear on expectations.   Define specifically what you want this person to accomplish in the short term, mid-term and long-term.   If they understand what it is you need them to accomplish and why, they’ll work harder to get it done and make your team successful.   
  4. Start with an orientation on how your team operates.   Review policies and procedures, expectations and how you expect each other to communicate challenges and issues. 
  5. Do not refer to them as “temps” or “contractors.”    While they may be helping you temporarily, the role they play is critically important to your team’s success, so treat them like part of your regular team.  One easy way to do this is to not refer to them as “temps.”   This will go a long way. 
  6. Hold them to the same standards as regular team members.   This makes it easier to integrate when everyone on your team is held to the same standards.   This goes for dress code, attendance policy, service levels, etc. There’s no animosity on either side when the same is expected of everyone.  
  7. Communicate feedback often.   Isolation causes unnecessary anxiety and concern.   Frequent communication and feedback is best practice when onboarding a new temporary employee.  This will help them get up to speed quickly and deliver results.
  8. Let them eat the pizza!   One of our former clients used to buy pizza for their staff every week but they wouldn’t let the temporary employees participate.    If you have a staff or company event such as a luncheon, remember to invite your temporary staff.   When you don’t, it not only makes your temporary staff feel unappreciated and left out, but it makes your regular team feel bad too.  This positive gesture will go a LONG way to the success of your entire team.
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