Common Mistakes Hiring Managers Make When Interviewing Candidates

Posted by Carrie King on Apr 18, 2013 2:34:00 PM

We know how important it is for candidates seeking a job to create a long lasting and fantastic first impression, but how important is it for hiring managers to do the very same thing to the candidates they meet? VERY!

Often times hiring managers are just too busy to worry about what impressions they are leaving and are more worried about what they think of the candidate. This can be a very costly mistake. You want to make a great impression that makes every candidate think “Wow, I want to work for that company!”

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Here are 3 common mistakes made by hiring managers during an interview which may leave a negative impression:

1. Making candidates wait too long.

Be as respectful with their time as you would like them to be with yours. Do your best to be respectful of their time by starting the interview as closely to the scheduled interview time as possible or by keeping them up to date on possible delays. We all hate it when we have to wait excessively for the dentist, a plane or on hold with customer service. When you make candidates wait for you, it leaves the same negative first impression of you and your company.

2. Not actively listening and paying attention during the interview.

Do not check your email, answer your phone or look at your computer during the interview. This is a practice that happens all too often and clearly sends a poor message to your candidates. Staffing managers try to justify this with the fact that they are “so busy” they have to multi task; however, the reality of it is that it is distracting to both you and the candidate.  It always leaves a poor impression. Be respectful and make the most of your short time with the candidate by paying attention and actively listening to their responses.

3.  Not explaining the hiring process and next steps.

After a conversation, always let the candidate know what the next step is in the process. If you do not feel they are a good match for the position, share this with them by saying something like “ I do not see you as a match for this role but it is possible we may have some future opportunities which would better match your skills and experience” or “Our hiring process will require an additional meeting with our Director of Staffing.  I will work with them to schedule that for you and will be in touch within the next 3 days to schedule.” Whatever the next step is, make sure you clearly outline it so that the candidate is not left wondering.  

Good employees are always in demand. Don’t chase them away or leave them wondering if they would even want to work for your company if offered the position. Poor impressions coupled with the last thing they hear from you will forever be etched in their brain. If you make these mistakes when interviewing candidates, not only do you risk turning off an exceptional candidate but you risk hurting your company brand which will have a lasting effect for years to come.

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