4 Tips for Evaluating a Candidate's Creativity During an Interview

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Mar 18, 2013 4:18:00 PM

It’s a given that job candidates for marketing, communications and graphic design positions need the ability to think creatively. But creative thinking is a benefit in almost any position. Sales representatives, account managers and financial analysts all benefit from being creative in the way they tackle their responsibilities. Yet, creativity can be a difficult thing to assess from a resume. Here are some techniques to help you assess job seeker skills in this area.

Ask for Examples: Creative thinkers should have no trouble describing a time when they took a non-traditional approach to a task or challenge. Ask candidates to describe a scenario when they initiated a new way of doing things or tried to solve a problem with methods that had not been used before. Look for answers that show an ability to innovate.

Get Playful: One way to measure a job seeker’s qualifications for a creative position is to ask them offbeat interview questions. For example, “What color are the letters of the alphabet? Why?” Needless to say there is not a right or wrong answer to this question, but you’ll be surprised by the different responses you get. People who are visually creative tend to see things in color, and some even have a specific color assigned to each letter of the alphabet.  

Explore the Inner Muse: Ask candidates for creative positions how they express creativity in their life. What is their medium? How does art influence their experiences? What do they value about the creative process and what does it bring to their work?  

Ask job applicants for creative positions to tell you about a time that an answer to a problem just came to them, perhaps after they struggled to find it. Find out what they credit for the breakthrough. Some people may tell you they work best under deadline pressure. Others may find solutions while they’re working out. Regardless of what they share, you’ll learn something about their work style and preferences.

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