How to Motivate and Inspire Employees

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jun 24, 2016 6:10:42 PM

You worked with a recruiter to find a promising new employee. She chose your company after receiving several job offers, and you feel lucky to have her on board. So how do you keep her? 

Job seekers often accept positions because of the accompanying salary, benefits, and opportunity for advancement. But satisfaction from these items may last only three to six months. To build long-term employee satisfaction, companies need to find other ways to keep teams happy. Use these tips to inspire your staff. 

tampa_hiring_manager_excited.jpgBuild connections. Team members who have good relationships with the people they work with tend to be more emotionally connected to their jobs. Foster team spirit through social opportunities both inside and outside the office. Set aside a day or two each month for a company-wide breakfast or lunch, and treat your team to outings such as a company-sponsored bowling night.  

Reward Talent. Find ways to acknowledge employees (both publicly and privately) who do great work. Feeling appreciated is a common reason people decide to stay with an employer.  

Be Accessible. People work for people, not companies. Supervisors who connect with staff in positive ways tend to have happier, more productive teams. Open communication also makes it easier to solve problems when they arise, or to avoid them altogether.

Ask Questions. Find out what your team members enjoy about their work and reinforce it whenever possible. It might be the chance to work on a new project or with a particular team. Knowing the source of their satisfaction will help you give them access to what makes them happy. It will also prevent you from accidentally taking something away that motivates them.

Answer Questions. Be honest with employees about your hopes for company growth and the challenges you expect to face along the way. Team members who understand your vision will feel empowered to contribute in positive ways.  

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