6 Tips to Simplify Your Job Search

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jan 26, 2018 2:19:42 PM

With the economy humming along, job seekers face better employment prospects than they have in years. Still, finding the right position takes commitment of time and energy. Here are six tips to boost your opportunities and streamline your job search efforts.

job-search-tampa-bay_copy.pngPlan: A good job is an important investment, so start by planning what you need and want. Consider the work, salary, time off, distance, etc. Commit those considerations to a checklist so you can make comparisons when applying for jobs.­

Sharpen the focus: To sidestep the job-search time drain, avoid applying for every job you see. Use your checklist to ensure the job suits most, if not all, of your needs, and trust your gut as well­­­­­­­. If you don’t think the position seems right for you, bank it and come back after you focus on positions you feel are better fits.

Chat it up: Good jobs are often found more quickly through personal connections, so if ever there was a time to let people know what your “status” is or what you’re up to, it’s when you’re job hunting. Talk with friends, family, and acquaintances in person, via phone or email, and on social media to let them know what you’re looking for. Follow employers that interest you, reach out to HR directors to introduce yourself and consider scheduling informational interviews to learn more.

Avoid resume red flags: During your planning phase, look at sample resumes for positions that interest you, or seek guidance from professional resume writers/recruiters. Then build a resume around the language in the job descriptions. While you may still have to tweak your resume for the target job, it will save time. Remember to research the latest resume trends to ensure you make a great first impression.

Hire a recruiter: It may make sense to have a recruiter help with your job search. A good recruiter will have a bank of jobs that can be matched to your skills and interests, so you’ll save time searching for good fits. Additionally, recruiters can help you hone your interview skills.

Say thanks: When you land an interview, one of the simplest ways to stay top-of-mind with the employer is to send a short thank-you note. Whether it’s handwritten or ticked off electronically, it underscores your interest in the job and that you have manners.

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