5 Ways to Land a New Job Faster

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jul 30, 2018 12:16:54 PM

Now is a good time for job seekers to be looking for new positions. Many employers are hiring, and top talent is hard to come by. Even in a strong job market, finding a new job is something most people prefer to do as quickly as possible. Follow these five easy tips to increase your chances of landing a new role at lightning speed.Get a new job quicklyRock the Resume: Chances are you need to perk up your resume to make it: (a) attention-grabbing, and (b) chocked full of buzzwords that online resume spider-crawlers and potential employers will pick up. Scrutinize job descriptions and strategically insert important words from those descriptions into your resume. This will boost your chances of getting an interview. Moreover, make sure your resume has bullet points, clear typeface and good spacing so employers can read it quickly. If you need to, hire a resume specialist.

Study Up on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a dream tool for job hunters. It allows you to participate in groups connected to the companies or positions you like. It also lets you follow personnel at these companies to grow a network of contacts that could lead to your next position. Additionally, it promotes your accomplishments and lets others endorse you. If you don’t know how to use it effectively, a simple Google search for LinkedIn user tips can get you started.

Know Who You Know: In the age of the internet, it’s not uncommon to fill out an online job application, press “enter” and wave goodbye as your resume sails into cyberspace. But is that effective? Not really. That’s why it’s important to physically meet people and let them know you’re job hunting. Network. Network. Network. After all, many jobs are filled by referrals – who you know matters.

Let the Real You Shine: Prospective employees need not be bashful. This is a time to really show what you can do. List job accomplishments (including results) on your resume and LinkedIn page. Carefully highlight your successes with bold typeface, underlining or adding italics if needed. Do anything that will help you stand out to employers. And when interviewing, strategically weave in your successes and how they could benefit the company you’re talking to.  

Get Professional Support: Recruiters are professionals trained to help you find a job. Use them. They can help you save time and reduce hassles. Plus, they already have contacts at companies, so while it’s a good idea to keep networking on your own, recruiters can often simply pick up the phone or send an email to get you in the door.

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