5 Tips to Help Grads Get a Great Job

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Apr 30, 2018 9:37:53 PM

It’s the time of year when “Pomp and Circumstance” plays around the country, as excited seniors take the next step in life—graduation. But while these soon-to-be-former students celebrate their triumphs of the past four years, a new reality awaits them—finding a job. Here are five tips to help graduating seniors become happy and productive members of the workforce.employment-graduates-tampa-orlando-st-petersburgAssess Abilities and Skills: One of the first considerations in finding a job after college is to size up your marketable skills. While you may lack workforce experience, you can capitalize on skills learned through work study programs, internships, travel abroad, and projects. An example: a college student who was assigned a sociology project to go into the community, hang out in establishments, and try to build enough rapport with patrons to ask them personal questions can use this experience during job interviews. Through this project, she discovered she has a strong ability to connect with others and is capable and creative when something needs to get done.  

Tap Your Resources: The career center at your school is there for more than free pens and aptitude testing, although both can help with job hunting. Make your presence known to the counselors so when they hear of a position—or even a good internship—you are top-of-mind. Also, set up that LinkedIn account and let the world know on Instagram that you’re seeking employment.

Find an Alum: You know your alma mater will hit you hard for money once you leave, but until then, use the alumni association to create employment contacts. Earmark companies that pique your interest and find out if there are alums you can tap for job support. You may just land a job where you can afford to give back to your school.

Think Out-of-the-Box: Get in front of employers at job fairs or company college visits and take the opportunity to stand out. For example, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile once stopped at a college and interviewed more than 100 students for a position. The winning candidate went ten steps beyond the competition by writing a jingle for the company and showcasing it with a song and dance routine at the interview.

Don’t Go It Alone: Remember, you’re not alone in this process. If the resources you have at your fingertips don’t feel like enough, or you want more experienced assistance finding a job, consider an employment agency such as Hiregy. A good agency will help you with your resume and interviewing skills and assist you in finding a great job.

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