5 Questions to Ask Payroll Specialist Candidates

Posted by Michelle Louden on Feb 2, 2015 12:11:08 PM

PayrollSpecialistWe have all had this happen to us at one point in time during our career. We received our check only to find a major discrepancy!  Who do you turn to?  Why your payroll specialist, of course! Needless to say, in most cases, it may not always be the most pleasant of conversations. 

Do you know how to find the best suited candidates to handle the sometimes difficult task of keeping employees happy? 

We have listed 5 great questions below that will assist with finding the right Payroll Specialist candidate for your organization: 

1. While payroll may be similar from company to company, each company handles their payroll process a little differently. Tell me how you would familiarize yourself with our process?  

This question shows initiative on the potential employee’s part and how they handle problems. Do they dive right into the position, or do they work better with a structured training program. 

2. Adaptability is very important in the role of a payroll administrator. Sometimes, unplanned tasks will come up that will disrupt your day and affect your schedule. How do you prioritize your time in those situations

This question helps you understand the personality of your potential employee, how they react to disruptions, and how they manage their time effectively. 

3. Tell me how you keep current on payroll techniques/rules?  

The answer to this question will tell you how well your potential employee takes it upon himself to ensure that they stay current with payroll processes. 

4. How do you handle an employee who does not report their time prior to the deadline?  

This answer will provide you with an insight into the communication skills of your potential employee and how they handle difficult situations. 

5. Are you familiar with Employment Laws that Regulate Employee Pay?  

The Fair Labor Standards Act sets standards for minimum wage, overtime, commissions, wage garnishments, record-keeping and reporting. Payroll Specialists must be familiar with these laws to comply with FSLA requirements.  

These are just some of the questions you can ask when interviewing a Payroll Specialist candidate. Please share your go-to questions in the comments below. 

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