4 Resume Writing Tips

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Dec 23, 2014 10:10:00 AM

Last week in this space we had some fun reviewing the qualities hiring managers look for when hiring elves. As we assist our biggest client in hiring a large amount of elves each year, we see many different elf resumes. Below we would like to review one such resume, and explain how a good resume for an elf makes for a bad resume for a number of other jobs.

This resume comes to us from Sparkles Snowflake, who we are happy to announce is thriving in his new job as VP of Cobbling Services in Santa's Workshop. (Mr. Snowflake gave us full permission to use his resume for this purpose.)

Sparkles_Snowflake_Resume_Top(Click on image to view full resume.)

No Pictures, Please - Stay away from using pictures on your resume. The goal may be to catch an employer's eye, but instead it makes one look very unprofessional. 

Watch Your Font - There may be a temptation to choose a fun font to spice up a resume and grab attention, but that runs into the same problem as adding pictures. Not only can a fun font be hard to read, but it also looks unprofessional. Stick to a traditional font, like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibre.

EMail - Since most communciation is done online these days, a professional email is a must. Richard Broughton, a Client Service Manager at Hiregy, suggests creating an email address that is purely for your job search. Use some combination of your first and last name with a gmail or yahoo account.

Color Conundrum - If you are applying for a job of an artistic or creative nature, a smart use of color can be a benefit. However, adding color to your resume just for the fun of it can come off as tacky. Keep it classy with black ink and let your experience do the talking.  In regards to the color of the paper you choose, do not pick a bright color. Opt for a white, cream or light gray.

Your resume is a professional business document, not a late-90's GeoCities website. By following the 4 resume writing tips above, hiring managers will see you for the professional that you are. 

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