3 Things to Include in Candidate Job Interviews … and a Few to Avoid

Posted by Shaun Androff on May 27, 2016 10:28:54 AM

Onboarding_Guide.jpgHiring managers in Orlando, Tampa, and across Central Florida know the importance of making the most of the time they spend with job candidates. Hiring exceptional employees requires mining for key details during the interview process. If your business hopes to find the best and brightest, here are three things to include in each job interview you conduct.

  • Open-Ended Queries. Many people poke fun at conversation starters such as ‘tell me about yourself.’ But this type of open-ended question is a great way to assess candidates’ communication skills, confidence and background. Other good open-ended queries explore how candidates manage challenging situations. For example, ‘describe a time when something went wrong at work and you had to deal with it’ can reveal prospective hires’ willingness to accept responsibility or assign blame. It will also help you assess their critical thinking skills, performance under pressure, and common sense.
  • The Truth. When you’re excited about specific candidates, share all the great things about your company and culture, but also be honest about the role you may offer them. Let them know about the biggest challenges they may face, as well as how managing those challenges will help the company.
  • Time for Questions. Switching roles at the end of a job interview is a great way to show appreciation for job candidates. It also ensures that they get the answers they need to make a decision about working for your business. Their questions will give you signals about how interested they are in your company and what areas of concern they have.

Equally as important as items to include in interviews are topics to avoid.

  • Most HR managers know that sharing sordid details about why someone left the firm or leadership’s quirks is not a great way to attract exceptional prospects. But day-to-day workers who interview candidates only occasionally may not be as sensitive to this. Make sure anyone who meets job seekers understands that gossip is not a good way to build rapport. 
  • Empty promises. Talk about opportunities for advancement realistically. If go-getters tend to be promoted quickly, let them know that. But be clear about where the bar is set and promise only what you expect your company can deliver.
  • Trick questions. We know of one employer who asked job seekers to name the company’s chairman of the board. Questions like these shed little light on a prospect’s abilities. Attempts to be clever during interviews are bound to fall flat, and worse, they can leave applicants with negative feelings about your business.


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