3 Things to Include in a New Hire Onboarding Guide

Posted by Andy Dunscombe on Apr 20, 2015 2:08:00 PM

new_hire_onboarding_guideStarting off on the right foot with a great onboarding process is key to successfully establishing a new hire within your company and keeping your team on the same page. Developing a strong onboarding guide for your company will save you valuable time and money on hiring, training, and retaining quality employees. Make sure that your company’s onboarding guide includes these three essential components.

1. Reference Materials

Beginning a new job can be a daunting task and by the end of the first day new employees can easily find themselves overwhelmed and overloaded with information. Providing reference material in a neatly organized folder, binder, or envelope allows the employee to review details and refer to processes and procedures whenever they need to.

We suggest including information such as:

  • Your Company’s StoryA company’s vision, mission, and cultural values alongside important dates, people, and resources regarding your company will paint the picture of who your company is.

  • Company Contact SheetInclude important names, titles, phone numbers, and email addresses for co-workers/departments and if applicable, include important external contacts for reference.

  • FAQInclude common questions - Be sure to update these periodically based on feedback from past onboarding procedures - and a directory of who to ask for technical support, supplies, etc...

  • Company Handbook

  • Outline company policies, including benefits, vacation request procedures, company holidays, and social media policy.

  • Technical InstructionsInclude login details for computer(s), email and instructions for equipment such as the printer, scanner and copier.

2. Performance Expectations and Goals

Clearly define your expectations for your new employee’s role, responsibilities, and goals. Establish a distinct direction for your new employee by scheduling checkpoints in advance to notify them of how they are expected to progress over their first year with the company. We suggest establishing these checkpoints for one week, 30 days, 90 days, and one year.

Setting performance expectations and goals creates an environment where every employee is treated with the same value. This streamlines the processes of your company and maintains good morale at every level. 

3. First Week Outline

Creating a simple outline for the employee’s first week on the job ahead of time can eliminate confusion and frustration. They can then prepare if they have any meetings scheduled or tasks to complete and follow the outline throughout their day rather than having nothing to do or being overwhelmed.

Here’s a sample outline for the first day:

  • 9:00 a.m.: Meet new employee, introduce them to their workspace

  • 9:15 a.m.: Tour the office, point out pertinent area (bathrooms, break room etc.), and introduce the new hire to their co-workers

  • Noon: Lunch with new hire, and possibly co-workers

  • 3:00 p.m.: Training new hire on processes, policies, and procedures (review reference materials such as the handbook)

  • 5:00 p.m.: Reassure the new hire how important they are to the company before they leave for the day

In addition to times and activities, you may want to provide places and names of attendees when they are available. 

When creating a welcoming and informative onboarding guide for your company, remember to include details to educate your new employee about whom your company is, what your company wants to achieve, and how they fit into the company’s vision. Provide every new employee with informative reference materials, set clearly defined expectations and create goals that build over time. And don’t forget to create an outline of each employee’s first week on the job making sure each new hire smoothly transitions into becoming a valuable employee.


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