2018 Central Florida Hiring Trends Report

Posted by Hiregy Staff on Jun 1, 2018 1:00:39 PM

Hiregy has released its annual hiring trends report for Central Florida. Designed for both job candidates and business owners, the report presents insights gathered from Hiregy’s placements in 2017. Highlights include: 

Hiring Trends: Hiring over the past year continued at a fast pace, with some top candidates considering multiple job offers with competitive salaries, benefits and perks.

2018 Florida Hiring ReportHiring Strategies: Employers upped their game to attract the best and brightest. Moving beyond salaries and benefit packages, they actively sought recruiters and other means to draw the right candidate to their company.

Growth: Both employers and candidates were focused on the long term. Employers sought candidates looking for a place to grow, and job seekers wanted businesses that were willing to invest in their professional development.

Future Projections: Two areas to watch over the next year include contract hiring and drug testing trends.

More key hiring trends, data and future projections are available in the report - download the full report here.


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